Cross Country Still Running Hard

10.12.2012 | Wilmington, OH

The Kentucky Christian University Cross Country team traveled to Wilmington College in Wilmington, OH to take part in the Wilmington College Fall Classic on Friday afternoon. In a race that featured 720 runners, 340 women and 380 men, the Knights proved to be strong competitors.

Junior runner Max Mullikin is proving to be a consistent runner even with a nagging injury this season running a time of 36:25.

Senior runner Greg Liming is still a leader for the team on and off the course running a time of 32:20.

Freshman runner Gavin Kreuger is becoming the lead runner for the Knights again turning in the best time for the team with a 30:57.

The Knights will take next weekend off from racing as they prepare for the annual KCU Invitational to be held on the Kentucky Christian University campus Friday October 26.