“Be bold or fold” Jabriel Siler responds in Baptism

11.15.2012 | Grayson, KY

By: Heiden Ratner, FCA Leader

Jabriel Siler, a junior at KCU and premier football player on KCU’s top 25 program recently decided to “be bold or fold”, say’s Siler. As he woke up that Sunday morning, he knew. He knew it was time to take a step towards Christ, a step in obedience to His word, and a step towards not only changing his life – but the lives of others as well!

Coming from a single parent home and being the oldest of four siblings wasn’t “the best living situation” noted Siler. However, he persevered through it, winding up in Grayson, KY to play football for the Knights. At this point, he had been to church a handful of times on Easter, though it was more exciting picking out his “Easter suit” than actually worshipping the risen Savior. That began to change as Siler met friend, Andrew Bondurant who introduced him to a deeper relationship with Christ. And was later invited to be a leader at FCA’s leadership camp in Campbellsville, KY. Siler was able to serve at multiple FCA camps and experienced tremendous growth through the camps, though was still unsure about getting baptized.

As this year (Fall of 2012) approached, Siler knew the Lord was calling him to go all in. Through FCA devotions on Wednesday nights, powerful church sermons, and spending more time in God’s word, Siler knew, “it was time.” After reading Proverbs 28:1, “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” He told himself he would either “be bold, or fold.” On Sunday October 28th Siler attended First Church of Christ where he stepped out in boldness. Publically professing his inward faith in Christ through responding in baptism. “I feel like a new man… It feels good”, quoted Siler. The response he’s received since be baptized has been “crazy”. Two other teammates were encouraged by his step of faith and they responded in baptism as well.

As this years football season came to a close last week (Nov. 10) Siler finished on a winning note, and caught a game-changing interception as well. Before that game he prayed a prayer that will stick with him for the rest of his life, “win or lose, I will still praise God.” Jabriel, his family, his girlfriend Caitlin Carter, and the rest of his FCA family will be praising God alongside him! “Be bold or fold.” Jesus wins.