Knights Fall to Georgetown College

9.28.2013 | Kentucky Christian University -- Grayson, KY

It was a great day for a football game, and wonderful weather for some Homecoming Festivities. With all the alumni on campus, the gator on the grill (no, really!), and the toughest home game of the schedule on deck, it was going to be an exciting day, regardless of the outcome.
Georgetown College came into the game as the #6 team in the NAIA. They have held that spot from the pre-season polling up through the polls of week 4. But KCU's defense was the #1 defense in the NAIA, from a statistical standpoint. Georgetown's gameplan was passing; KCU's forte, defending against the pass. So a showdown was on the way.

KCU's Drew Slikker kicked off, and the Tigers began their first drive from their own 21. In 9 plays they drove 79 yards and scored on a controversial play, one in which the ball may or may not have crossed the line, and the ball carrier may or may not have had control over it. After quite a bit of deliberation by the officials, it was ruled a touchdown. KCU began their first drive from their 23, and punted from the 21 after 3 plays. After exchanging punts, Georgetown College put the next points on the board with just under 2 minutes to play in the first quarter. The first quarter ended with the Tigers up 14-0. The Knights began finding their rhythm, and soon found the endzone as well, on an Isaac Brabson pass to Jalen Simmons. The half ended with the score at 14-7.

Though it was not uneventful, the 3rd quarter saw no points put on the board by either squad. At the midpoint of the 3rd quarter, Quarterback Isaac Brabson was taken down hard by the pass rusher, he was hit high on the chest, and the impact took him to the ground and sent his helmet flying. He left the game shaken up, and returned for 1 series a little later, but was soon scratched by the coaching staff. He was replaced in the lineup by Cody Sabol, a freshman from Pittsburgh, PA.

In the fourth, Georgetown scored 3 touchdowns, 1 of which came on a fumble recovery of a live ball thrown as a swing pass to a backfield receiver, but that did not connect, and Georgetown scooped up the errant ball and ran it in for the score. The Knights were not able to put any more points on the board, and the final score was Georgetown - 49, Kentucky Christian - 7.

Brabson was 15 of 22 for 111 yards and 1 touchdown, while Georgetown's Pawsat was 11 of 23 for 232 yards. The Knights defense sacked Pawsat 4 times, while Brabson went down on 3 times. Darryl Jones led the defensive charge, with 6 tackles, while Josh Cobb and Justin Heard had 5 each.

The Knights travel to Campbellsville University next week for a 1:30 matchup.