Lady Knights Soccer Play Strong Against NCCAA #6

9.21.2013 | Grayson, KY

Though it rained earlier in the day, and the humidity made things a bit stuffy, it was a good day for soccer, and a very good day for KCU Lady Knight Soccer. While they are struggling this season to put points on the board, and while their roster is not so big as was hoped, and while they had several injured and ill, 12 Lady Knights were healthy enough to take on the Lady Bruins of Bob Jones University. For those who only look at the scoreboard, this game may have seemed routine enough, but the scoreboard doesn't accurately tell the story of what went on here today for the Lady Knights.

Bob Jones University's Lauren Peek scored in the fifth minute on a break-away run; this put KCU down 1-0, but they did not lose heart. The defense stepped up the pressure, and over the remainder of the first half, they caught the Bruins 5 times in offside traps; they cleared balls that they don't always clear, and they interrupted the Bruin offense enough to frustrate the players into several fouls. Then, in the 28th minute, Kelsey Thomas evened the score on a Penalty Kick, after being brought down in the penalty box by the goalkeeper, after she mis-handled a ball at her feet. In the 43rd minute, Tessie Estrella put Bob Jones University up 2-1 on another break-away goal.

When the Bruins returned from the break, they had a renewed fire, as their coach had assuredly talked to them about how KCU had beaten them in so many ways in the first half. And though the Lady Knights gave up another goal just 4 minutes into the contest, they played marvelous defense in the second half, catching the Bruins in off-side traps 7 more times, making numerous strong tackles and playing great team defense. But the 23-player roster of Bob Jones University took its toll on the Lady Knights, and the Bruins scored in the 78th, 88th, and 89th minutes, to put the final at 7-1. The defensive backfield of Hannah Sanders, Staci Proudfoot, Kelli Bonnette, and Olivia Rowsey played well together, and kept the offense as far from Chelsea Gallinger's box as they could. Abby Clay played the entire game with a strained ham-string, but she was a strong presence when the ball came forward. Rebecca Sanicola, Kelsey Thomas, Jessica Cain, Jenna Kos, and Samantha Orange played well, and kept the field spread and the ball near the sidelines nearly all day.

While the loss takes this team to 0-7, something was different about this game, and the something different is something you need to see for yourselves. The Lady Knights are next in action on Tuesday the 24th, when they take on Cincinnati Christian University at home. Next Saturday, they travel to Midway College.