Volleyball at Heritage Elementary

3.6.2013 | Hitchins, KY

On Monday, the KCU Volleyball team helped bring READ ACROSS AMERICA to Heritage Elementary School. The theme of the Lady Knights’ presentation was Cooperation and Doing Your Best. Coach Bruce Dixon spoke to the 4th and 5th grade classes how a team cooperates, and through cooperation is able to accomplish things that individuals cannot.

As AVCA All-America Middle Magen Daniel and Middle Jenna Kelley spiked some balls tossed by Coach Dixon, it was observed that coaches don’t get to toss balls during games, so someone has to set the balls to the hitters. Coach then tossed balls to AVCA All-America setter Lauren Dunn and she fed them to the hitters, but then it was pointed out that coaches don’t toss balls to setters during games either. When Libero Jessi Hartzler began passing balls tossed over the net, and it was seen that a volleyball team can fulfill its mission only when everyone is doing their job.

The players then participated in a Q&A session, and then spent time talking and interacting with the kids and encouraging them to read.

READ ACROSS AMERICA is a literacy program founded in the late 1990’s by the NEA in partnership with Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Random House. It is celebrated on or around March 2, the birthday day of Theodore Geisel, who published many works under the name Dr. Seuss.